Social Media Hit: Live Tweeting Approved by NPR’s “From the Top”

During my trip with KMFA Classically Austin to see the National Public Radio program “From the Top” recording at the Texas State International Piano Festival on June 8, 2013, I participated in a live tweeting session on behalf of KMFA during the program. “From the Top” enjoyed our live tweeting so much that they retweeted our tweets throughout the show and gave our live tweeting a shout-out in addition to interacting with us throughout the program on Twitter.

The screenshot below provides a quick scene from that live tweeting session. You can follow KMFA on Twitter @KMFAClassical.

Screen Shot 2013-07-02 at 5.31.59 PM

Press Release: NPR Comes to Texas State

Read the press release I wrote on behalf of KMFA Classically Austin to announce their sponsorship of National Public Radio‘s “From the Top” program coming to the Texas State International Piano Festival at Texas State University. This press release was sent to the media in early June and resulted in the publication of an article about the event in the Austin American-Statesman. You can see my post about that article here.

Read the official press release on KMFA’s website here!